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Discipline misunderstood




She has to listen to me!!

She has to listen to me
I'll not be in a hurry I'll ask her why she's not listening to me. I'll talk to her and find out what she wants. I'll give her what she wants, if it's a ‘Smally’. If I disagree, I'll still be gentle, wait for her to be calm, and explain her the reason. I'm with her to help develop her brain for becoming calm and solving problems thereafter. I too am learning that though she's small; still she deserves respectful discussion.

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Setting an example of a parent who is brave enough to grow


Where am I going wrong as a parent?

I knew this morning is going to be a tough one. After 4 long holidays, it was difficult for me to get my kid ready for school today. I was on the run, from one task to another.

'Joy' which at a certain point of time was my morning goal; was absent today. 

My kid was as usual sleepy in the morning, and I continuously tried to cheer her up. But she didn't want to sit to eat her breakfast. At last, I blew up on her. She cried. Then I said sorry to her, but at the back of my mind I was still furious on her laziness. Somehow I managed to send her to school with a kiss and a hug.

I came back home, sat down defeated and asked myself

"Where am I going wrong as a parent?"

This question was a big puzzle for me few months back. But today, I instantly got reply from inside:
"I've stopped reading about positive parenting, and so my old neural connections (thought patterns) have become strong again. Those connections ask me to scold and punish my kid to achieve compliance. …

Disagree gently👪


Your kids might amaze you🙌🙌


What do kids need during their aggression?

No matter how much we scream or hit our kids for their misbehaviour, back talks, hitting, throwing things, biting; it is not going to stop.
Because we're trying to solve these issues in a wrong manner.

The need is to first address the reason of misbehaviour.

Yelling and hitting is just suppressing their misbehaviour at that moment, which will re-arise.
Because the underlying need is still unmet.

Remain in close proximity of your kids whilst their aggression, let them vent out and then cool down.

Now is your time to take control of the situation. Offer love. And then talk. Know the reason. And help them solve with your wisdom, so that the intensity of this aggression is lessened the next time it emanates.

All answers are within us🎆

Everyone is busy collecting loads of information on internet about kids' sleep training,how to reduce yelling, calm down techniques, and so on.
But what we forget is that each child and parent is a unique individual. And one solution doesn't fits to all.
Let us sit down for a while everyday to find out calm solutions for our challenges.

Believe me, those are much more effective than the techniques available on internet.

Take ownership!!

Tomorrow is still there with us


Wrong dogma around Positive Parenting


Simple Ideas are powerful💪




What am I doing?


Pass on calmness to next generations


I don't want my kid to become a spoiled brat!!

Bryan and Simon were fighting over TV remote. Mom came and shouted over them to stop their fighting and take turns. But they didn't listen, and Mom hit Bryan.

She was tired. Bryan and Simon had developed a habit of fighting so much that she was on the brink of her patience.

Now there was peace; Bryan being hurt and Simon scared. Mom went back to finish her chores.

After 20 minutes, Mom heard Simon crying loudly. 

She ran leaving her work, only to know that Bryan hit Simon amidst yet another fight. She was furious now.

"Why did you hit your little brother, can't you see he's so small?" 

"So I am for you Mamma!! You hit me when I did wrong, and that's exactly what I did when Simon did wrong."

I'm sure each one of us can relate to this story...

But this is not what we'd thought when we were blessed with our little angels.

So what went wrong?

"Kids are raised this way!"
"They need to be taught discipline, and they of course don't listen …

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