This blog is not intended to criticize any form of medicine, and the comparison is being made for the sole purpose of comparing two different styles of parenting.

Positive Parenting methods are like Ayurveda. The purpose is to cure the body, so that the existing ailment doesn't recur. These methods aim to know the reason behind kids' misbehaviour, tantrums, not listening, back talks. Once the reason is known, which is the root cause of all misbehaviour; the reason is taken care of in such way that its recurrence is reduced the next time. These and similar techniques are used:

  • Effective communication: make the kids understand why You're saying NO.
  • Mutual understanding and respect: kids are receptive when we talk with them with respect, that we expect from them.
  • Facing consequences: The kid is left to bear the consequences, if he doesn't listen to his parents. That learning makes him understand the reason why his parents said NO at the first place (Of course this technique cannot be applied when there's a safety issue).
On the contrary, old parenting methods like scolding, shouting, embarrassing, hitting and punishing only treats the misbehaviour at that particular point of time, like allopathy medicines. Since the misbehaviour was suppressed and not cured from the roots, it erupts again with a force bigger than the last time. The more the misbehaviour, the harsher the punishments. There's no end to it.

So, let's stop believing that the "kids are raised this way", and "this has been the most appropriate way of raising kids for ages." 
Accept that these methods are detrimental to the emotional and physical well being of both parents and kids. 

I'm providing free positive parenting solutions for the parents who wish to give Positive Parenting a try. Email me your specific day-to-day problems/issues that you face with your kids (ages 2-10 years), and I'll revert with the Positive parenting solutions, viz-a-viz, explaining the reasons why these solutions are better than the old methods.

- Deepti Malhotra Thakur.
Email id: journeytopositiveparenting@gmail.com


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