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I am Wired Differently!!

I have read many times that life is too short to keep grudges and we should let go of small disturbances that somebody creates in our lives. 

I disagree to it to a certain extent. Not all of us are wired the same way. Everybody has different neural connections, patterns of thinking, and different ways of releasing stress.

For me, I can't let go of any disturbance that somebody creates in my life. I have to tell him/her that I felt bad, no matter my close ones call me childish. 

When I listen to my close ones and don't say what I felt, it stays in my mind forever along with the feeling of being incompetent to deal with the people who did wrong to me. I have several instances in my life since childhood, which I still remember and still feel the need to say whatever I wanted to, at that very moment.

This is my way of releasing the stress of being cheated/taken as granted.

I believe it's being emotionally intelligent to let yourself "feel what you feel", and then say that…

Can you leave your comfort zone?