A new way of looking at parenting

I've often been faced with the question "Why is there a need to change the way the kids are raised? We've been raising kids like this for years; so why do you feel there's something wrong in this way?"

My reply has been "I don't feel good about raising a small human being by scolding, hitting or doing anything to hurt him emotionally and physically."

My reply appears strange to those people because they consider it to be a vital part of teaching kids the right behaviour, which in turn is important for their overall success in life.

So why do I feel so different?  Why do I feel this is inhuman, which in fact is very normal for everyone else out there?

These questions brought me to the journey of discovering my own self. I've slowly started to realize I'm a highly sensitive person. I kind-a knew it from inside for several years, but it never came out because I was always told it's wrong to feel so much; for the obvious reason that it hurts too much.

That was, and is, the reason why old parenting methods hurt me as much as those hurt my child. Because I can feel her pain when I scold her.

All parents, whether highly sensitive or not, "do" feel the pain of hurting their kids,emotionally and physically. But all of us stop ourselves from feeling that pain because society tells us that it is necessary.

Let's start acknowledging that "pain" without the fear of being judged by the society as "wrong". It is only then that we can move on to a path of finding better ways of raising kids through understanding them, rather than relying on scolding and punishments.

I'm a strong believer of positive parenting and keen to connect with parents who are, or want to be, on the same path. Together we can support and help each other.
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-Deepti Malhotra Thakur.