True Love brings Real Happiness

I'm sure many of us appear to be very strict in front of our kids. Even though all of us are struggling with day to day issues which leave us stressed and fatigued; still when we're happy inside due to some reason, we still portray to be strict in front of our kids.

I don't know from where we've got this fear that if we'll show our kids that we're happy and joyful, they'll run over us and put unnecessary demands or show undesirable behavior.

On the contrary, I've observed that when my mood is good and I'm happy because of some reason, my kid finds her friend in me. She becomes so cooperative and understanding as I find her to be occasionally. The reason is that I too become more receptive of her reasonable demands; and understand the reason behind her behavior.

'Positive Parenting starts with me.'
- Rebecca Eanes.

I've to start the habit of being happy. There's someone who always loves me and wants to be with me, no matter how many times I had scolded her. This is true love which brings real happiness.