Where am I going wrong as a parent?

I knew this morning is going to be a tough one. After 4 long holidays, it was difficult for me to get my kid ready for school today. I was on the run, from one task to another.

'Joy' which at a certain point of time was my morning goal; was absent today. 

My kid was as usual sleepy in the morning, and I continuously tried to cheer her up. But she didn't want to sit to eat her breakfast. At last, I blew up on her. She cried. Then I said sorry to her, but at the back of my mind I was still furious on her laziness. Somehow I managed to send her to school with a kiss and a hug.

I came back home, sat down defeated and asked myself

"Where am I going wrong as a parent?"

This question was a big puzzle for me few months back. But today, I instantly got reply from inside:
"I've stopped reading about positive parenting, and so my old neural connections (thought patterns) have become strong again. Those connections ask me to scold and punish my kid to achieve compliance. I had promised myself that I'll read at least for 10 minutes each day to keep self on the right track. So the answer lies in finding a way out of positive parenting."

I immediately stood up and grabbed my positive parenting book.

This is what I got, which was apt for the moment:

From the book 'Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide by Rebecca Eanes':

"Always keep the connection strong. If you have a child who rarely listens (i.e., does what you ask), then you may need to work on your connection with that child......

How much quality time have you been giving him? Next, look at what and how much you're expecting of him.....

Ask once, then take action....State your request in a kind and respectful tone once, make it short and clear, and ensure you have eye contact or at least listening ears by asking if he heard what you requested. If he doesn't do what you told him to do, then take action."

So, I was missing on my connection, respectful tone, and stating my request once and then taking action. 

I hope I keep up my reading promise to ensure a happy home.

Hope these ideas will work for you too today.