Why don't kids like to sit still in classrooms?

This blog is intended to bring into light a very common problem being faced by most parents and teachers in school.

"Why don't the kids sit still?"

I've finally found the answer to this question after reading a lot, which I'd like to share with all the parents and teachers.

Problems being faced by parents and teachers
  • Many parents get a feedback from their kid's teacher that she/he doesn't sit still in class. They talk to each other or look elsewhere when the teacher asks them to look in the front.
  • We parents, at home too, face this problem when we ask our kids to study. They give hundreds of excuses when we ask them to sit and study.
  • Kids are more interested in playing outside for hours. But it's difficult for parents to be out with them for too long because of too hectic schedules, and we can't leave them alone outside. 
  • Teachers are bound by the daily time schedules, and so the kids can't play outside everyday in school too.
When we look at the situation prima facie, we believe the real problem is that the kids don't know how to sit still and study. And that's what we as parents and teachers have to teach them.

But we aren't going deep to find out the real reason for this.

Here is the real reason

Our bodies are structured so as to MOVE A LOT. And when the movements are less, kids' minds don't develop properly. In order to develop a strong balance system, children need to move their body in all directions, for hours at a time.

Schools' academic pressure is responsible for less movements to a large extent.
Right from pre school, small kids are made to sit for a long time. They are learning to read, and write, and recognize..... while sitting. Outdoor playtime is as little as half an hour for a 4 hours' pre school time.

We as parents have started expecting too much from kids as little as 3 years old. They need to know a lot about their studies..... But we rarely think about their movement.

Negative impact on kids
  • Many kids are being diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (which means that they can't concentrate) which in fact is the wrong diagnosis, because the kids are being expected of too much.
  • Kids when reprimanded at school from an early age to not concentrate, lose their self confidence. We as parents are really happy when our kids get stars and smilies in their notebooks, but we rarely think what impact it is having on their minds. We are making an impression on their minds that getting smilies and stars for 'sitting properly' in class is what they are expected to do always. Are we not going too far on one side? Are we not forgetting the importance of play?
  • Play is not a luxury that we give to kids as parents or teachers. It is their basic need. They learn best when they play. Just imagine how stagnant our minds become after sitting for too long in front of computers. The same is with the kids with small underdeveloped minds. In an attempt to start their studies early, we are making them worse for their future.
What we can do about it?

I know, being a parent, I can't do anything about it at school level. But at my level, I have taken these steps:
  • Everyday, I wake up 1/2 an hour early and take my daughter to park before her school. I believe it is utmost important because she gets morning sunlight and energy for the whole day. She runs, and enjoys on swings.
  • We try to go to park every evening to let her play with her friends for an hour, and we come back after sunset.
  • I give her some time to play alone. Unstructured play is very important for mind development. They learn problem solving, and how to keep themselves happy without anyone's help.
  • For studies too, I always try to find new methods to make learning a play. There are so many simple ideas available on internet. Let's go for it!!
  • Change in attitude towards learning, though, is difficult in the present times, but small changes can be made at our level to lessen kids' pressure.

I believe these are very simple techniques, which each one of us can apply.

Let's help our kids in these stressful times.

All the best to all the parents!!