Slow Down Time

Whether we're working moms or home managers, life goes on in full swing from morning till night. 

And life gets all the more tough when we've kids. We've to manage home, work, and kids. And each work seems important and urgent to us. 

Day by day, we get into the trap of stress for not being able to give our 100% in everything.

Self care usually seems unimportant on our to-do list.

What is slow-down time?

Slow down time should not be mistaken as a separate time for self care, as it is an integral part of that. Slow down time means pausing for some moments, and enjoying what we're doing. For example,

  • Look at the joy in your child's eyes while giving her a bath.
  • Savor the taste of your tea while you're doing chores alongside.
  • Feel the morning freshness for a minute or two through open windows.
  • Smilingly look into the eyes of your child while dropping her at school.
  • Touch leaves while going to park/office. Nature gives enormous positive energy.
  • Look at the birds for a few minutes in park.

Why is slow-down time important for us?

We're so busy these days. We usually take out a little time for our body, but taking out time to relax our mind is impossible. Meditation seems too boring and difficult. So, this slow down time gives a little relaxation to your mind while you're on your work. 

  • It allows us to relax our mind.
  • It's enjoyable in contrast to meditation which seems boring and difficult.
  • Our mind slowly starts to see good things when we develop a habit to pause for a few seconds.
  • We don't need separate time, as slow down time gets beautifully integrated with our work.
  • We start enjoying time with our kids while they eat/bath, which earlier was just a stressful chore.
  • It puts back our focus on what we're doing, thereby increasing our efficiency and stopping our minds to wander into unnecessary thoughts. (Usually when we're doing something, our minds have a habit of wandering somewhere else).

Slow Down time with kids

This is one step further to the above mentioned slow-down time, and is an essential element of positive parenting. I agree we've lots to do in a day, and we're usually short of time. But we need this slow down time as much as our kids need it. And it doesn't take so much of our time as we believe. We're so used to hurrying up because of numerous tasks to be done, that we end up saying "Hurry up" while playing with our kids too. 
This is ironical but true 😁.

Here are some ways that can be used as slow-down time with kids:

  • Play hide and seek. Kids love it. And it doesn't take much time of ours too.
  • Play coloring. It's a huge stress-buster.
  • Story time with a twist - Ask your kid to tell you a story, or both of you can frame a story together.

I have already started to experience the magic of slow-down time. I hope this works wonders for you too.

Please share if you've similar ideas of slow-down time.

Let's start our journey of becoming a calm and positive parent.

All the Best!!