My Dad #FathersDay

My Dad always says "Money is important, but not more than family and health."
He's the most stress free person. Always cool minded, no matter how big the life's problem is.
This is what I've learned from my Dad, which I try to implement in my life everyday:

  • Listen to everyone, but do as your heart says - As we grow up and move outside our home for school/college/jobs/marriage, we meet so many people who've different beliefs than ours. They'll tell us that we're wrong, and we need to change. We can't openly defy some of them, so it's better to keep quiet (not at all times), and later do what your heart says is good for you.
  • Take it easy -  As we get married and have kids, we start taking stress over every other little thing. The key is to understand that these things will keep on going the entire life, and those don't need to be stressed upon too much so that those affect our health. Problems will remain as long as we're alive.
  • Money is not everything - Since my childhoodI've always seen my Dad choosing his family over money. Once he was back from office, he was with us all the time. He refused promotions because he would have to move to another city leaving us.
  • No race - We lived in a joint family, where every other day we saw our cousins running a race for better Television/Fridge/Toys etc. My parents always remained out of that race, and gave me the lesson that happiness is not dependent on things. Happiness lies in the love of family.
  • Willpower - We as a family have seen lots of difficulties, both at physical and mental level. My Dad has always been the strongest among us, despite all those difficulties. And he still possesses the same smile that he owned before the bad times.
  • Contentment - He's a happy man with just the basic necessities of food, shelter and clothing. He graciously accepts every other luxury, and is thankful to God. 
  • Health - Even at the age of 60+, he walks for an hour everyday. And we're the ones who have several excuses for exercise and eating good food.
  • Flexible - He's not a man bound by his age-old beliefs. When I quit my CA career to take care of my daughter and lately decided to become a blogger, he was and is the one who supported me. Many people had the same dialogue for me "What's the use of studying so much, when you're just taking care of your kid at home?"
  • Recently I had a long talk with my Dad, after which I've made a mission for myself to be like him in everything. 
    I want to live my life happily without any fear, with contentment and rock-solid willpower.
    Thanks Papaji for everything. I l♥ve you the most.