Permissive or Passive Parenting and its negative effects

Permissive or passive parenting is a form of parenting where:
  • Parents don't guide their kids.
  • They are fearful of spoiling their relationship with kids, if they guide them.
  • They are least bothered about the kids, as they have lots of other important work to do. So they agree to what their kids ask for, or do.
  • They are of the belief that learning proper behavior is a subject matter of time. As the kids grow up, they eventually learn proper behavior. So, they don't need guidance when they are little.
But is permissive parenting really helpful to kids?

No, because there is a better way of parenting:
  • Kids are new to this world, and parents have the responsibility of teaching them right behavior. Right behavior can be taught through love. Though it seems difficult in the beginning, but with time the kids start understanding. 
  • There is no appropriate age to start guiding the kids. Rather, starting early is beneficial because learning things takes time (even with us). Early start gives a lot of time to kids to develop a habit of proper behavior.
  • Relationship of a kid with her parents is so strong that loving guidance cannot affect it. Rather, kids respect their parents who guide them with love. 
  • If the parents do not guide the kids, they might start learning from any outsider, be it her friends or relatives or even servants. Then it will be difficult to teach them the other way, because they have already started on another way.
Raising kids is 24/7. As our kids grow, we grow too. We learn new ways to guide our kids, what we did wrong and how can we be better next time. 

However, there is a limit to guidance with love. Excess guidance on small things leave kids dependent and makes them fearful of their parents. Kids should be allowed to take small decisions for themselves, as it develops decision making ability in them. 

At the end, your heart is your guide while deciding which decisions your child can take.

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