Easy steps for transition to Positive Parenting

The need - I realized the need to change my parenting methods when my daughter was a toddler. She defied everything I asked her to, and I constantly yelled at her. Our relationship got worst. "There has to be a calmer way of raising my daughter. I can't continue like that" my heart said to me.

The belief - Believing that positive parenting is a better way was almost impossible. 
How can I build a strong relationship with my daughter just by guiding her with love?? 
Long positive parenting articles were too boring to read after a tiresome day. Still I continued because I didn't want to go back to old methods and I had lost belief in those. I started reading small articles and quotes. And started taking small steps. By this time, I had realized that I'll have to start small. And then go big.

Small steps for transition: These are very practical, easy and small steps which helped me to start my journey towards becoming a positive parent. These all need just 10 minutes.

1. Play - This is the most important tool. Start playing with your kids, atleast 10 minutes a day, leaving every other thing aside, and they'll become your bestest friends. My daughter always addresses me as her bestest friend. You listen to them while playing and then they'll listen to you later. This is mutual respect which every human being deserves, even a little kid.

2. Meditate - I know its a heavy word. Who has the time to do that? I agree completely. But 10 minutes easiest meditation can do wonders:
a. sitting in park and looking at trees for few minutes, or
b. sitting calmly in your balcony watching birds chirping, or
c. sitting and closing your eyes in a room listening to your favourite music, or
d. closing your eyes and repeating 'om' for a few minutes.
My favourite is looking at trees. It gives me enormous strength, calmness and confidence to continue as a positive parent. 

3. Little time - Start small with reading about it on facebook, watch videos on youtube etc. Book lovers and moms who can manage some more time can read books. I can suggest some for those who are interested. I have replaced my TV viewing and useless facebook posts with positive parenting articles. It'll make a huge difference. Listen and watch positive and you'll act positive. 

4. Park - It appeared to be too boring to play with my daughter in park. But soon I realized it was as important for me as it was for my daughter. I returned home with energetic body and calm mind. I started losing sight of the on-goers. Now every morning we go to park for 10-15 minutes before her school. Great way to begin the day!!

5. Hugs and kisses - I think this is biggest tool while transitioning to positive parenting. No matter what happened last night, my daughter loves my next morning hugs and kisses. And me too. Hugs and kisses act as a miracle specially when the kids are meeting us after a long time or are parting with us, like first thing in the morning, before leaving to school, after coming back from school, and at night time.

I have an unshakeable belief that each one of us can become a positive parent. 


-Deepti Malhotra Thakur

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