Whose frustration is it anyways??

My daughter and I were together in school when I heard some noise. A lady was searching for her 5 year old son. She had come to pick him up from school. The teacher handed him to his mom. But on the way back, he got lost. After few minutes' search, she finally found him inside the school.

Then came the scene which I can never forget in my life. That lady slapped her son so tightly that I had ever imagined. And it was not the end. She hit him many times, that too in front of teachers. And then dragged him out of the school. I got tears in my eyes seeing the child's condition.

One of the teachers later told me that the said lady was talking over phone when the teacher handed her son.

I am a follower of positive parenting, and I am completely against hitting.

I have a question for that lady, and for all the parents who hit their kids (no matter what their kids do):
  Why so much anger?               

The truth is that we are filled up with so much advice on how to raise "GOOD" kids. Please open up your eyes, you already have a good kid. Remember the day when she/he got out of your tummy.....

It's high time such parents should leave their old beliefs that "GOOD" kids are raised when they are controlled through hitting and punishments.

The truth is that our "good kids" can become confident and happy adults only with "guidance through love".

Teach them all the right things, but with love (no matter how many times we have to guide them with love).

Do you know from where this "anger" comes:
1. Her child did better than mine.
2. My house must shine but my kid is doing all this mess.
3. ....... (any relative/friend) said this to me. How can he judge me?
And the list goes on......

We have endless frustrations, which we vent out on our little angels.
We have to mind ourselves first.
Sit down for a while, and think what we are doing.