Mommy I am unique. Please don't compare me

Mothers!! Please don't be focussed on marks. Research more on how we can be and make our kids more creative. 
Teach them how to think on their own. Give them time. Don't scare them if they are not able to perform as per our stupid schools' performance.
 I have been a topper all through my school days, but today when I look back I feel I was in trap. I could have enjoyed my life along with completing my studies. And till date I feel that I make better decisions when I am free at my mind.
Same is true for everyone of us including our little masters. All of us can do miracles when our minds are free from any kind of performance pressures. 
Why is there a need to compare kids? Can we compare Sachin Tendulkar with Lata Mangeshkar?? 

From this generation, lets change the way we raise our kids. We can't change the school system but we can change ourselves as parents. Agree??