I was mistaken that my kid needs me..........

I am a stay at home mom of a single child.

My daughter along with me went to park a few days ago where I overheard a lady "Kids grow up so fast, time flies.". I didn't pay attention to it as I have heard that many times.

I came back home and got into my daily routines. Making my kid eat right and drink at least  2 cups milk everyday with lots of other 'important' daily chores.
Suddenly, I realized I am so engrossed in my efforts to complete all the tasks that I have forgotten to embrace my daughter's childhood.

I am so focused on her clean teeth, everyday bath, combed hair, proper meals, adequate water, 2 cups milk and so on.

Am I not forgetting that she will be big soon, and the things I am fretting about, will no longer exist? And so will be my precious time with her. That too won't last forever. She will no longer need me to play with her, as she will have her friends to play with and chat with.

"I was mistaken that she needs me. I need her more."

I need her because playing with her is like meditating. All stress and tiredness flows away in the air. Her simple talks make me immensely happy, sometimes tears rolling down my eyes with happiness.

I want to be with her in her little happiest world. 

Let the dirty clothes lie on the bed.

Let the toys be scattered.

Let her hair be the softest curls I love to touch. I don't wish to make them straight.

All these unimportant things can be done at night before going to bed. I will take out maximum time to be with her, playing, dancing and enjoying this beautiful life.

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