Handling disappointments

4 years' old Sam wanted that toy desperately. But Mom said no. He lied down on the floor and started crying.

Mom could not see her son crying for such a small thing. She bought that toy for him.

This is just a small example of how we are treating our kids nowadays. We are more disappointed seeing our kids crying, than actually our kids are.

We want everything to be perfect for them. We don't want them to face any disappointment in life.

But is this idea going to work as they grow up? Definitely not. They are going to face disappointments everyday.

But rather than finding solutions to overcome those disappointments, they will learn to remain glued to disappointments, and will always expect someone else to come and get them out of those disappointments.

We want our kids to be strong. And guiding them how to handle disappointments is a part of that. Make them learn that we too are human, and we too face disappointments. But we gradually gather the strength to look beyond those disappointments, and move forward.

Let's be realistic, and make our kids realistic. Start early, no matter how old the child is.